Eligibility is determined by the POA-CC (see "WHO WE ARE" )
prior to formal and final acceptance as a registered MEMBER.
If the membership fee has been paid and the membership is later declined by the POA-CC,
a REFUND will be issued, if correct identifying information is available.
Registered MEMBERS have full access to the POA website (by Password)
and are entitled to VOTE in POA-CC elections
and on POA Actions which are subject to registered membership approval.
They may elect to receive ALL correspondence from the POA-CC.
They may also participate in POA National, Regional, State and City meetings.
The membership fee for registered MEMBERS is $1 per month,
payable annually in advance by Credit or Debit card through Paypal.


Eligibility is determined by the POA-CC (see "WHO WE ARE" )
prior to formal and final acceptance as a registered SUPPORTER.
SUPPORTERS of POA may join (NO membership fee)
with limited access to POA website content. They may attend POA meetings,
ONLY if sponsored by a registered MEMBER in attendance
AND approved by a POA-CC Commander
and by paying a nominal ATTENDANCE fee in CASH at the door.
They will be included in the POA MEMBERS Database
and may elect to receive general membership emails from the POA-CC.


A photo ID is required from EVERYONE for admission to any POA meeting.

The POA-CC may decide to issue and require POA ID cards in the future.

Any membership may be CANCELLED at the discretion of the POA-CC,
(any next-level-up Commander) if it deems the actions of a MEMBER to be
in violation of the POA MISSION or its Policies and instructions.
If appropriate, a pro-rated membership fee REFUND will be issued.

ANYONE may DONATE to POA to help it fulfill its MISSION.
DONORS will be identified as such in the MEMBERS Database
and may elect to remain anonymous.
Registered DONORS must arrange attendance at POA meetings
with an Executive or Regional Commander 5 days IN ADVANCE.

ALL membership fees and donations will be deposited in a POA bank account,
accessible by Executive and Regional Commanders. ALL disbursements
from the POA bank account must be approved by an Executive Commander.

and instructions for POA Actions to FREE AMERICA
from the Zionist Slimeball OCCUPATION!