(including some MEMBERSHIP criteria)

We are American Patriots, with primary loyalty to God and to America, in that order.

We are COMMITTED to fulfilling the POA MISSION as soon as possible.

We are NON-POLITICAL and seek NO affiliation with any political party.

We are an association of REGISTERED MEMBERS and supportive Americans.

Only American citizens or permanent residents may become POA MEMBERS.

ALL American Patriots, regardless of race, creed or gender, may join POA.

Only REGISTERED MEMBERS may vote on any POA initiatives.

We encourage informal cooperation with other anti-Zionist organizations.

We encourage the support of NON-MEMBER Americans.

We particulary welcome anti-Zionist JEWISH members ("Jews Against Zionism")

We particularly welcome VETERANS.

We particularly welcome RETIRED and SENIOR Patriots.

We particularly welcome the UNEMPLOYED.

We particularly welcome UNION members.

We particularly welcome HS and University STUDENTS - full or part-time.

Americans who support the Zionist State of Israel in any way are NOT welcome.

Members of ANY Zionist organization are NOT welcome (ADL, ZOA, AJC, CUI, etc.)

Israeli-Americans (dual citizens) are NOT welcome.

Israelis (including residents of America) are NOT welcome.

Federal elected officials and members of ANY lobby group are NOT welcome.

Illegal aliens, regardless of their country of origin, are NOT welcome.

We are the AWAKE "99%" of Americans!

is to engage America's and Humanity's ARCH-ENEMY (Zionist Israel),
which has seized CONTROL of America:

Watching (TV) or Listening to (TV and RADIO)
the Zionist Slimeball-CONTROLLED

THEY are "Programming" your MIND to blindly