All Policies, Strategy, Tactics and Actions
are planned and decided together
by the following POA-CC components:

Executive Commanders (3)
Founder and 2 appointed Executive Commanders.
One of the Executive Commanders is also the POA Webmaster.
(appointed by the Founder for the 1st year of operation)
After the 1st year of operation, Executive Commanders (2)
are elected by the Regional, State and City Commanders
from their membership.
The Founder has VETO power over all POA-CC decisions
during the 1st year of operation. Thereafter, 2 or 3 votes are required
to approve any POA-CC decision.

Regional Commanders (up to 5)
Commander-East (States bordering the Atlantic)
Commander-West (States bordering the Pacific)
Commander-South (States bordering the GOM)
Commander-North (States bordering Canada)
Commander-Central (States without any of the above borders)
(appointed by the Executive Commanders for the 1st year)

State Commanders (up to 50)
(appointed by the Regional Commanders for the 1st year)

City Commanders (as appropriate)
(appointed by the relevant State Commander for the 1st year)

to spearhead each of the POA OBJECTIVES.
They are headed by a Regional, State or City Commander.

Action Committees
Action Committees are formed from REGISTERED MEMBERS
to carry out specific directives of the Executive Commanders.
They are headed by an Executive or Regional Commander.

After the 1st year of operation
(or earlier, by decision of the Executive Commanders),
all except the Executive Commanders will be elected for a 1-year term
by a simple majority of REGISTERED MEMBERS.

ALL membership fees and donations fund POA operating expenses.
POA-CC service is voluntary and carries NO remuneration.

The POA registered membership fee is $1 per month,
payable annually in advance through Paypal.